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February 7th, 2009

Heiko’s list:

  1. toolbar
  2. command line
  3. user windows
  4. bugs in script editor
  5. profile loading final (needs more planning)
  6. child trigger/child timers

List of problems in the script editor:

  1. Script names don’t clearly communicate that they’re optional
    1. If you don’t get a script name, save - the script pattern gets set as the name. This shouldn’t be the case, because if the change the pattern after, the name does not change.
    2. Instead of the person didn’t enter a script name (and there should be none by default), just display the script pattern in the listing treeview
  2. Regex list isn’t intuitive
    1. “Add” button is missing a tooltip and is far away - while it should be on the same plane as the “Add to List” line, so the user can connect what is it for easier
    2. Modifying a regex shouldn’t require pressing Enter to update it - it should auto-update as you’re working on it
    3. Type of match combobox isn’t labelled
      1. Better naming for the items could be used - need to think on what is better though
    4. Line margin isn’t explained
  3. Alises - “substitution” field isn’t labelled as optional either nor explained
  4. Scripts - crap, we both call scripts inside aliases/triggers functions scripts, and stand-alone ones are called that too. Perhaps we should call those ‘functions’?
  5. Variables aren’t shown nor editable via GUI. At least one person thought Mudlet didn’t support variables because he didn’t see an item for them as aliases/triggers are.
  6. “Actions” should really be called “buttons” everywhere
  7. Making a new keybinding isn’t intuitive
    1. Instead of a line and a button to get a new combination, we should instead just have 1 button that when pressed on, allows the user to set a new combination. Otherwise, it displays the current key combination. This is similar to how the colors are set in the Preferences dialog
  8. Timer scaling / alignment is quite broken
    1. Command is optional - should be labelled so, because everything else is required - so the user might think that command is required too
  9. Doesn’t warn when there is data loss involved (deleting / moving away from an unsaved item) - Brunos patches address this, but were reverted because the script editor got broken a lot

Misc issues:

  1. No scrollbar in the main display (#327041)
  2. Combobox connection dialog isn’t in (needs some fixing to compile)
  3. Default font might render bad on Windows (need to test)
  4. fixed about_dialog.ui is still not in the main sources
  5. Preferences ‘Close’ button is not the standard os-provided bytton - instead it’s a our own with no icon and closes in the ‘pressed’ signal instead of ‘released’ (#327042)

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