Using SVN on Windows

December 10th, 2008

This page will show you how to setup SVN on Windows, and keep Mudlet updated to it’s latest possible version.

Getting Mudlet via SVN

Firstly, download and install TortoiseSVN.

Then, navigate to the location where you’d like to checkout the mudlet source. Right-click, and select SVN Checkout. For the URL of repository, use “”. Click OK to checkout.

After that’s done, continue to compiling Mudlet on Windows.

Updating SVN

To update your version of Mudlet that was checked out with SVN, right-click on the sources and select SVN Update.

Checking your SVN revision number

To see what revision your sources are at, right-click on them, select TortoiseSVN→Show log. The revision number at top will be the version you’re at.

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